Ledger Call for Papers (Volume 7, 2022)

  Now in its seventh year of publication, Ledger—the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated entirely to the study of cryptocurrencies and shared ledgers—is open for submissions!

 We are currently seeking:

General Submissions
(Ongoing / Rolling Submissions)

Ledger is seeking full-length articles describing original research in all areas related to cryptocurrency and its intersection with mathematics, computer science, engineering, law, policy, economics, and more. Submissions related to all areas of cryptocurrency research are welcome, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Sustainability and environmental impact of various cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies
  • Research into and comparisons of consensus mechanisms (PoW, PoS, DPoS, PoST, etc.)
  • Research into blockchain scaling solutions
  • Research into so-called "Play to Earn" games and NFTs
  • Comparison of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies with CBDCs and other digital financial instruments
  • Development of new cryptocurrency algorithms and protocols
  • Analysis of existing cryptocurrency algorithms and protocols
  • New cryptographic methods for cryptocurrencies
  • Network analysis of transactions on public ledgers
  • Macroeconomic studies of cryptocurrencies
  • Computer hardware design of new components
  • Novel applications of cryptocurrencies 
  • Legal commentary on cryptocurrency uses
  • Finance and the impact of decentralized ledgers on markets
  • Sociological studies of the implications of the rise of cryptocurrencies
  • Analysis of proposed changes to the protocols of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency protocols

Please note that now as ever we are an open-access journal, and our published papers are indexed by a number of high-quality indexing services, including Web of Science (through its Emerging Sources Citation Index), Scopus, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and Google Scholar

To submit, find Word and LaTeX templates, and see cover letter requirements, please consult the Submissions link below and the Author Guidelines section found there.


Ledger is published by Pitt Open Library Publishing, an imprint of the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh. Unless otherwise stated, articles in the journal are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.