Blockchain Design for an Embedded System


  • Sara Falcone Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT Media Lab
  • John Zhang Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Agnes Cameron Viral Communications Group, MIT Media Lab
  • Amira Abdel-Rahman Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT Media Lab



blockchain, swarm robotics, embedded systems, mapping and exploration


This paper proposes a blockchain-based mapping protocol for distributed robotic systems running on embedded hardware. This protocol was developed for a robotic system designed to locomote on lattice structures for space applications. A consensus mechanism, Proof of Validity, is introduced to allow the effort of mining blocks to correlate with the desired tasks the robotic system was designed for. These robots communicate using peer-to-peer LoRa radio. Options, trade-offs and considerations for implementing blockchain technology on an embedded system with wireless radio communication are explored and discussed.


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Falcone, S., Zhang, J., Cameron, A., & Abdel-Rahman, A. (2019). Blockchain Design for an Embedded System. Ledger, 4.